Dog Training

We are not currently taking on new dog training clients!​​

Please see our 'Walk & Train' program for general obedience training.

Do you get frustrated with your dog pulling on a lead?

​Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs?

Does your dog run away if off lead and not come back when called?

Does your dog steal food from the kitchen bench?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contact us to see how we can help!

General Obedience

If you are frustrated with your dogs behaviour while out walking, or at home, then let us help you to train your dog.
With 30 years experience in training my own dogs in general obedience training as well as training for show conformation,  we only ever use positive dog training methods for your dogs.

Lead Pulling and Recall

The two biggest issues we come across are dogs pulling and/or lunging on lead and dogs not coming back when called.  Dogs are very inquisitve animals and want to sniff and explore everything when out for a walk.  Some dogs also have a big prey drive and want to chase when they see a smaller animal.
Some dogs pull because they are anxious and aren't quite sure how to act in such situations.
When we work with a dog we go back to basics and work with your dog to become more focused on you and to resolve the issues that you are having.

Reactive Dogs & Treat Refusal

Some dogs will bark and lunge at every other dog they see or even hear behind a fence.
While we do not train with overly aggressive dogs,  we can help with general reactivity.  As a dog trainer, I go back to basics and teach your dog how to be focused on you, rather than on other dogs.
I can help you to build a connection with your dog, so you will have his attention whenever you need it.  This is incredibly important for walking any dog...... if you don't have your dogs attention..... you don't have your dog!

Sessions & Pricing.....

45 minutes

Extra time charged at $5 per 10 minutes

  • We only work with one dog at a time while training
  • A travel surcharge of 50c per km will be charged for any jobs more than 10km outside of Morphett Vale.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellations.

Providing the BEST care for your BEST friend!

Contact us to arrange a meet and greet for you and your dog!

Or call us on 0410 898 690