Top Petz...... Providing the BEST care for your BEST friend!

There are numerous reasons why you may need a bit of help taking care of your pets.  At Top Petz we strive to give your pets the best care possible by offering you the following services.....

Dog Walking

Do you work long hours and don't have the time to spend walking your dog?
Are you physically unable to walk your dog?
With over 30 years experience owning, loving and walking dogs, I can solve these problems by walking your dog for you.
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Dog Training

Does your dog pull and lunge when you are out walking?
Is your dog taking you for a walk, rather than the other way around?
Does your dog run away when off lead and not come back when called?
Over 30 years of owning dogs, I have taken every one of my dogs to obedience school, so needless to say I have considerable experience and knowledge of general obedience training.
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Pet Minding

Is your dog anxious when going to kennels?
Would you prefer your dog to stay at home when you're away?

We can help solve this problem by looking after your pets in their own home.  While you're away I can come to your home to feed your pets, give them fresh water and spend time playing, cuddling and walking them.

While I am there I can also put out and take in rubbish bins, bring in the mail, do a poop scoop and any other minor jobs.
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